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YC Academy FAQ

1. Can a student transfer other college credit received from a different university to be counted toward the YC Academy associate degree?

York College allows students to transfer 6 hours of college credit toward the YC Academy associate degree. Students must submit an official college transcript to York College, where courses will be reviewed for transfer credit.

2. Who should enroll in YC Academy?

​YC Academy courses are offered for college credit and, as such, are rigorous. Students enrolling in YC Academy:

  • Should be serious about their education and motivated to learn
  • Have completed the equivalent of two years of high school coursework, including English I and II, Algebra I and either Geometry or Algebra II
  • Be able to complete the full two-year YC Academy degree program before completing their high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Have a history of personal responsibility and academic success

3. How do you ensure that students are ready to take college courses, College Readiness?

YC Academy requires that all students enrolled in its associate degree program complete a 1-hour College Readiness course. This course introduces students to the expectations related to college coursework, the skills required to succeed in online learning environments, and the behaviors associated with successful performance in college, such as self-discipline, time management, and personal ownership of the learning process.

4. How/when are families billed for YC Academy courses?

YC Academy allows students to drop courses or withdraw from the degree program, without penalty, during the first week of classes. York College will bill families or schools at the end of that withdrawal period in each semester in which a student takes courses.

Dual Credit Refund Policy

All Dual Credit students that officially withdraw from York College will be refunded tuition based on the following schedule.

Withdrawal on or before the first day of classes each semester = 100% refund of tuition.
Withdrawal during days 2 through 8 of each semester = 75% refund of tuition.
Withdrawal during days 9 through 16 of each semester = 50% refund of tuition.
Withdrawal during days 17 through 24 of each semester = 25% refund of tuition.
Withdrawal on or after day 25 of each semester = no refund of tuition.

5. Are YC Academy students eligible for federal financial aid programs?

No. YC Academy is only available to students who have not yet graduated from high school, and these students are not eligible for federal financial aid for their courses. YC Academy has worked to make its all-inclusive pricing affordable enough to offset the lack of financial aid.

6. What are YC Academy courses like?

Most courses in the YC Academy curriculum represent 3 hours of college credit. These courses feature between 60-70 lessons, Check Your Knowledge and longer formative quizzes, Mastery Assignments, and 2 comprehensive proctored exams. YC Academy courses are designed by TEL Education, and you can learn more about the courses and design process by viewing these videos.

TEL Learning Experience: Overview
A Look Inside TEL Courses
TEL Course Development Process

7. What kind of instruction and instructional support will students receive in YC Academy online courses?

All YC Academy courses are offered online. Each course features a qualified instructor who will host live class meetups, send out weekly emails, offer live special topic tutorial sessions, grade and provide feedback on assignments, and respond to student questions. Students also have access to study resources offered by York College, as well as access to Student Coaches, who are qualified college students and can provide live tutoring assistance and encouragement.

Finally, YC Academy offers live general support via phone, email, and chat.

8. Does YC Academy provide help for parents with regard to understanding how to manage/integrate requirements for the associate degree with local high school graduation requirements?

Yes. YC Academy staff will work with you to review your student’s current curriculum plan/path, examining which courses they have taken and are required to take for state requirements. Based on that review, we will make recommendations about how your student might complete a YC Academy degree while fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

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