YC Academy

Bringing York College to High School

What is YC Academy?


YC Academy is a program of York College that offers an online Associate in Arts (AA) designed specifically to provide Early College High School and dual-credit programs to high schools and homeschool organizations, as well as individual homeschool learners.

YC Academy’s associate’s degree is designed to be completed over two full years, with students beginning their course work as early as the spring of their sophomore year.

YC Academy courses are offered online and feature all course materials, instruction, technology, and support. The program also supports blended delivery options for high schools and homeschool organizations.


1. Reduce the costs of attaining a college degree

Our low-tuition and all-inclusive course pricing — all course materials, instruction, technology, and support — makes YC Academy a truly affordable solution for earning college credit and/or a valuable college degree. Taking college courses in high school also helps students and parents make more cost-effective decisions regarding future college studies and career pathways.

2. Begin the college journey with increased support

YC Academy provides multiple layers of support for students, including guidance from course instructors and peer coaches, as well as help from our general and technical support team. In addition, students will be learning in the familiar context of their high school and family environments, giving them access to already familiar sources for learning support.

3. Prepare for a smoother transition to the four-year college experience.

The transition from high school to college is a challenge for many. An early college high school experience helps ease this transition by providing additional preparation, support, and assistance before students transition to traditional four-year colleges.

4. Give students confidence and a greater appreciation for college learning.

YC Academy gives students the opportunity to successfully experience the increased level of personal responsibility and academic rigor that college requires while still part of a “high school” accountability and support system.

Are You Ready?

YC Academy ‘s AA degree is designed to be completed over two years, meaning participants should be entering their Junior year. Our courses are rigorous and designed for students who are motivated to learn.


Associate Degree


Single Dual Credit Course



Associates in Arts Degree

60 credit hours

Single Dual Credit Course

1-3 credit hours

YC Academy Degree Plan and Courses


The YC Academy AA degree for Early College Highschool students comprises 60 credit hours of college coursework. Courses for the degree program are also available as individual dual-credit courses.


Important Dates

  • May 23 — Registration Begins
  • August 15 — Registration Ends
  • August 24 — Student orientation period begins
  • August 31 — Fall term begins

Degree Pacing Options

  • Option 1: Take courses in Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • Option 2: Take courses in Fall and Spring only

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